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Golden Ensembles 3 for NI Reaktor

Reaktor ensembles 

Golden Ensembles 3 provides you an exclusive collection of 45 cutting-edge Reaktor ensembles for NI Reaktor-5. Synthesizers, effects, innovative and creative audio tools- Musicrow Reaktor Ensembles are packed, with hundreds of presets ready to be used. Find out more!

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Musicrow - Pro Reaktor Ensembles and VSTi

Latest News:

Analogica Filter for NI Reaktor is now available separately!   Musicrow releases Analogica as an individual ensemble for NI Reaktor. We have put tremendous effort in creating a filter with a distinctive analog flavor and a sweet and beautiful self oscillation sound.

Golden Ensembles v3.09 for NI Reaktor is released!  Golden Ensembles v3.09 includes a new Reaktor ensemble: SuperPan. SuperPan enables you to pan out-of-the-speakers, explore various distorted spaces, create unique 3-dimession effects and choose from many surprising 'spacy' presets.

Analog Sound Collection for Arturia synths is released! Musicrow releases the Analog Sound Collection: 1200 designer sounds for Arturia synthesizers. The new pack includes all six musicrow's popular soundbanks for Arturia Arp 2600 V, CS80 V, Minimoog V, Moog Modular V, Prophet V and Jupiter 8V.

Jupiter Trip for Arturia Jupiter 8V is released! Musicrow releases Jupiter Trip, a collection of 200 high-quality presets for Arturia Jupiter V. A demo bank with 20 free presets is available.

Bass Lab for NI Reaktor can now be purchased separately!   Musicrow releases Bass Lab as a separate ensemble for NI Reaktor. Bass Lab is a powerful bass synthesizer that was designed with one purpose in mind: to produce ultra-modern fat and punchy electronic basses that sounds amazing.

Golden Ensembles 3 for NI Reaktor is released!   Golden Ensembles 3 provides 44 cutting edge Reaktor ensembles for NI Reaktor. The new version includes new instruments: the innovative Sound Pilot synth-effect, Bass Lab 2, and the Analogica filter. Other ensembles were revised and improved with new functionality, new look and more sounds.

Ebola for NI Reaktor can now be purchased separately!   Musicrow releases Ebola as a separate ensemble for NI Reaktor. Ebola is a powerful semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer with a flexible architecture, that enables you to create a wide variety of sounds with a distinct flavor! Ebola that was updated with a new look and extra sounds, contains now more than 300 high quality presets for instant use.

CS Vibes soundset for Arturia CS80 V is released!  CS Vibes is a collection of  200  impressive sounds for your Arturia CS V. The CS Vibes soundset takes full advantage of the the Yamaha CS80's classic qualities to deliver fresh and up-tp-date sounds.



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What is Reaktor? Reaktor is a modular software music studio, created and distributed by Native Instruments. NI Reaktor uses synthesis and sampling techniques to create Reaktor instruments or Reaktor ensembles- virtual synthesizers, effects, and actually any audio tool you need in your virtual studio.

Musicrow Reaktor Ensembles and VST instruments (VSTi)

What is VST plugin / VSTi? VST is a technology developed by steinberg, that enables you to replace the traditional audio hardware with software equivalents. Vst plugins are effects that processes audio.  VST instruments (VSTi) are virtual synthesizers or samplers. Host sequencers that uses VST technology: Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Samplitude, Sequoia, FL Studio

Musicrow recommends Magix Samplitude and sequoia - the best sounding host out there!

Musicrow - pro Reaktor ensembles and VSTi


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