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SuperPan pan out-of-the-speakers


Place your sound out of the speakers, create extreme stereo and 3D effects, explore distorted and unnatural spaces, and choose from many surprising 'spacey' presets.

Based on sophisticated psychoacoustic methods, SuperPan is the perfect panning tool for extremists!

Main Features:
- Pan out of the speakers
- Explore distorted and unnatural spaces
- Beautiful unusual motion effects

- Extreme panning and 3D effects
-Three types of modulators: two sequencers and an LFO
- Many surprising 'spacey' presets


Autopanner 3d effect - superpan

- For the best results use SuperPan with a monophonic source on a stereo track!
- SuperPan uses phasing and other psychoacoustic tricks in order to achieve extreme 3D effects. If mono consistency is important, don't forget to use the 'Mono' button on your SuperPan in order to hear how it sounds in mono!

* SuperPan is available as part of Golden Ensembles 3: 45 Premium ensembles for NI Reaktor.

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Commercial Reaktor Ensembles by Musicrow
SuperPan is part of Golden Ensembles 3:
45 Premium ensembles for NI Reaktor

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superpan for reaktor
SuperPan - Pan out of the Speakers!



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